Handcrafted and Unique

Created with care.

  • The Beautifully Modest Collection is a way for us to showcase our roots, and bring an accessories line that everyone can enjoy. The pieces are small, sparkly, lightweight and very importantly, so cute! We want to see young girls wear these pieces with confidence, feel beautiful and comfortable in their scarves.

  • Growing up in a South Asian family and community, we wanted to represent our culture by bringing modern materials with traditions pieces, including making earring that are statements that don’t hurt our ears. You can add these pieces to your everyday attire, representing the “desi” culture in everyday style. This collection is meant to make something that paid an homage to our culture and heritage, but also make it cute.

  • Polymer Clay

    Our earrings are handcrafted with polymer clay, a material that is very versatile and all the rage. They are lightweight and perfect for all day wear. We love that!

  • Plaster of Paris

    All our home décor items are made with the amazing plaster of Paris. They are all topped off with a water base sealant for longer lasting finish.

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