What's this about then?

For a long time now I have found myself starting and stopping a dream that seemed to be out of reach, because of school, work or just life getting in the way. I have been working on this dream for 6 years now and finally the day is here.

I grew up in a vastly diverse area of Montreal, exposed to so many different cultures and people. It was a privilege to be there, however this experience didn't match the world I stepped into as an adult. It was quickly clear to me that there wasn't a big representation of South Asian culture in the mainstream media. We didn't have the same selections of products. I love fashion and jewelry but never found pieces that completely resonated with me, therefore I started to make my own jewelry as a teen and have always done this as a hobby. Once I got financially independent, I decided to take that hobby and turn it into something bigger. For all the other South Asian people who want more representation, I want to be able to provide that.

I studied in fine arts, as a South Asian, it was a bold move in a semi-conservative home. With the support of my closest people, I developed my skills and put my heart into the things I created. Sculpting and working with my hands were the best ways to express myself. That is why I provide a large array of products stemming from jewelry to home decor. Products that inspire me and I hope will speak to you.

Munzerin Habib